The Mina Foundation is serving Mina Protocol, the world's lightest ZK blockchain.

The Mina Foundation, a non-profit, supports the Mina Protocol and its ecosystem by working together with ecosystem partners to support network health and security, administering grant programs to community members that make significant contributions, fostering community growth, and overall enhancing the vibrancy of the Mina ecosystem.

The Mina Foundation Delegation Program delegates voting power associated with tokens held by the Mina Foundation to a group of third-party block producers in Mina Foundation's commitment to decentralization. Block producers are objectively and transparently chosen based on their uptime performance.

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Latest Reports

The Mina Foundation is committed to providing transparency to the community regarding its token activities, operations, holdings and protocol developments.

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Q1 2022 Transparency Report

April 29, 2022
Mina Foundation

Q1 2022 Mina Foundation Transparency Report covering key metrics and updates.

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The Mina Foundation is growing to support the expanding ecosystem. Check the list of open positions here. If you're interested in joining the team but there doesn’t seem to be the right job available, please send us a message.

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